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The Quarterly aims to maintain the link between the police community past and present and to continue to build on its legacy. Since its origins in 1933, the goal of The Quarterly has been to educate about tradition and tell the stories of the past and the RCMP of today.
The RCMP Veterans’ Association assumed responsibility for The Quarterly in October 1999 from the RCMP to ensure its survival and vitality.
The Quarterly is a vehicle for police officers, veterans, historians and students to learn about the past, keep abreast of policing trends and share programs, events and activities.
Although the RCMP Quarterly is not affiliated with the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the flagship exhibition of the museum, the St. Roch, was an RCMP vessel. Therefore, the historical contents of the quarterly, particularly the issues published during the operational years of the St. Roch, are relevant to the vessel's history.
Scope & content
Collection consists of samples of the RCMP Quarterly, including digitized versions of articles primarily related to the history of the St. Roch. Please note that all materials are housed in the library collection of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and are only uploaded on the archival database for technological access reasons. Please also note that the digitized materials represented here only comprise excerpts of the issues.
Reproductions: The Board of Trustees for the RCMP Quarterly retains copyright to all the materials in this collection. In 2023, the Board gave special permission for the Vancouver Maritime Museum to host digitized versions of some of the publications here. Permission to reproduce the materials must be granted by the Board of Trustees for the RCMP Quarterly. Please contact the Archivist for more information.