VMM Scrapbook collection [graphic materials, textual records]

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85 scrapbooks
Scope & content

This collection contains maritime themed scrapbooks, some of which contain various combinations of the following items: photographs; postcards; magazine, newspaper and Xeroxed clippings; and handwritten labels, titles and annotations. Scrapbooks are bound or unfastened, as well as some loose photographs and clippings. Former library volunteer Bob Cuthbert ([19-?]-2013) initially completed the original arrangement and description of most scrapbooks. Cuthbert created an alphabetical classification scheme and attached corresponding labels to each scrapbook some of which have a brief description of its contents. A comprehensive index (SB 2008.001) was also created which lists each individual clipping inside most of the scrapbooks.

Work on this collection is under way. Some features may be unavailable or non-functional.


Arrangement and description of the scrapbooks in this accession primarily reflects the original arrangement by Cuthbert. Recent revisions involved adding a third section (for scrapbooks not yet described) for clarity and consistency. Many of the scrapbooks are either missing or were possibly never donated (which is documented under SB 2008.001 and on an Excel spreadsheet); many scrapbooks do not have precise documentation of their donor or date of accession; and several scrapbooks were not described in comprehensive detail. It is recommended to refer to the paper index when referring to these items for research.

Index created for an assortment of maritime themed scrapbook collections, which were originally amalgamated and sorted using an alphabetical system and divided into two sections. The first section is organized from A-Z followed by A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4. The second section is organized from A-S. Some sections appear to be missing. A third section has been added for unlabelled scrapbooks.

Notes: Index is typed and contains important detailed information about the contents (newspaper and magazine clippings) of each scrapbook. The first section contains F-G, L-P, R-Z (information about A-E, H-K and Q appear to be missing); the second section contains B, D-S and W (information about A, C, T-Z appear to be missing). There is no index for the third section.

Reproductions: Copyright unknown. Please contact Archivist for more information.