Vancouver Tug Boat Co.

Biography / Administrative History
  • 1898: Vancouver Tug formed by Harry A. Jones
  • 1919: Harry A. Jones sold Vancouver Tug and passed away four years later
  • 1924: Vancouver Tug business revived by Harold Jones (Harry Jones' son). Business re-named Vancouver Tug Boat Company
  • 1954: To cut costs and further integrate its operations, Vancouver Tug purchased Vancouver Shipyards (originally incorporated in 1902)
  • 1956: Harold Jones passed away leaving Vancouver Tug to Beverly McCarvill O’Toole. During that time Arthur Lindsay and Captain James Stewart guided the company into a major expansion and rebuilding program
  • 1962: Vancouver Tug acquired Vancouver Barge Transportation
  • 1963: Vancouver Tug acquired Pacific Tanker
  • 1965: Vancouver Tug acquired Western Tug & Barge
  • 1966: Vancouver Tug launches the pride of their fleet – a 3500 horsepower, 136 foot tug named the Harold A. Jones
  • 1969: Vancouver Tug and Vancouver Shipyards purchased by Dillingham Corporation and vacated locations at the foot of Denman Street, in Vancouver, to move across Burrard Inlet to a 40 acre waterfront site at the foot of Pemberton Avenue, in North Vancouver
Source: Seaspan: History
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