Robertson, Richard D.

Biography / Administrative History
Richard (Robbie/Dick) Dale Robertson was born in Liverpool, England in 1909. In 1928 he came to Canada as a farm worker. Four years later he followed the lead of his brother and joined the RCMP. His training took place at “N” Division in Rockcliffe (Ottawa), followed by several years as a local constable in New Brunswick. In 1940, he was transferred to “HQ” to work in the Intelligence Section. He retired from the RCMP in 1957. In extensive notes he wrote about his career in the RCMP, Robertson described himself this way: "I don’t think that I was a good 'Policeman' from the point of view of the Force but I think I did do a lot of good as a policeman by always viewing the other side of the story and always having the betterment rather than the punishment of any individual at heart."
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