Christening Bowl, Christening Bowl

Thomas Crosby 5 Christening Bowl
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Vessel Equipment - General, Christening
Silverplated brass, paint.
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Silver-plated brass Christening bowl engraved: THOMAS CROSBY 5 "CHRISTENING BOWL" Presented by PEOPLE OF HARTLEY BAY 1967. On base is silverplated on brass, Germany. Object is goblet shaped with wide mouth tapering to stand. Inside is painted or plated with red. In 1967-1990 the vessel was owned by The United Church of Canada, Toronto ON.

History of Use
The Thomas Crosby V was a 80 foot vessel, had a 21 foot beam, and a 10 foot draught. The crew was made up of seven and was licensed to carry 40 passengers and sleep 25. The Thomas Crosby V was capable of year round sailing and was fully equipped with radar, depth sounder, Citizen Band radio, chart room, intercom throughout, complete alarm system, radio, watertight compartments, two inflatable rafts, one diesel inboard and one Canova inflatable boat powered by an outboard engine. The first steel vessel used for mission work and built by the church at Star Ship Yards in 1967 after designs by G. Talbot. She was put into service in 1967 out of Prince Rupert. Since 1977 she has been in British Columbia, Canada under the command of missionary-skipper Oliver Howard and operated out of Prince Rupert. In 1990 The United Church decided that due to changing times, and better faster ways of serving isolated people she would be sold. The ship was then sold to a Cayman Island based company, Kennford Limited. They stated that the ship was going to be used to uphold the principles of living and acting for the good of others.