• 000.027.002a+b


Object ID
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Edged weapons
Wood; metal; leather
Place Made
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dagger with wooden handle and buffalo leather scabbard sheath. Handle is varnished hardwood with flared shoulders top and bottom. Blade is full tang and is capped on handle butt. Double edged with fullers either side recreating dagger dimensions. Sheath is made of three sections of leather.

Top and bottom are hand stitched in dark leather and these surmount a lighter coloured leather that has been tooled into two cross shaped designs. Rear of sheath has proud seam running length between the darker leathers.

A collar has been sewn into back and through this a twist of leather has been thrust with an eye on one end a leather button on the other. Affixed to this is a horseshoe shaped thong of stiff leather that has been served around with leather twine.