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Lamp, Oil

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Furnishings, Lighting equipment, lighting devices, lamp, oil
Place Made
New York

Brass oil lamp from Maud. Collar for glass chimney (not with this item) is made up of thin vertical petals. A horizontal locking bolt for the chimney is set through one of these petals and on the opposite rim from this is a 1.5 cm long hinge for opening the collar to reveal the flattened oval wick stand. Small round ventilation holes cascade out from this.

The very top of the lamp shows an oval crown with an oblong split for the wick. The above wick holder assembly is screws onto the oil tank. By removing this the tank can be refilled and/or the wick replaced. The tank slopes down from a diameter of 9 cm to 2.75 cm. Soldered to this is a weighted copper base which combined with the tank creates an hour glass figure. The tank is set on a gimballed mount that is made up from a 1.5 cm wide vertical hoop that runs around the perimeter of the top of the tank and held in place by four brass posts set equidistant from one another with two of them soldered to the tank and two soldered each to a vertical strap that runs down to a flat circular base.

This base has a brass loop soldered on two sides opposite one another to allow for mounting vertically to a bulkhead. Engraved on the base is, M'F'R'D BY NATIONAL MARINE LAMP CO. NEW YORK.

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is related to: Amundsen, Roald
created by: National Marine Lamp Co.