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Hardtack with note

Fury hardtack and note from Captain James Ross
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Personal Artifacts
Date Made
Date Made
hardtack: flour, water, salt Hand written note: paper, ink
There are two objects: (a) is a hardtack biscuit and (b) is an accompanied note from Captain Ross. The hardtack has a broken off side piece (missing) and has some lighter and darker marks perhaps from aging/dirt/grime build up or from its baking process.

The note is torn near the middle and has another tear at the right-hand side. It also has two holes at the bottom and is curled at its edges. The text on the note is: "Taken by Capt. Ross from Fury Beach to the North Pole 1835. Ten years after". There is glue residue on the back of the note and creases and folds located on the right hand side.

Related vessels
HMS Fury
Victory (steamer)
Related people/organizations
created by: Ross, Cpt. John
is related to: Royal Navy
History of Use
A piece of hardtack retrieved by James Clark Ross in Victory when he passed by Fury Beach, the same place William Edward Perry had abandoned his own ship HMS Fury ten years earlier.