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Tools and Equipment for Communication, Telecommunication T&E; Telecommunication Devices; Antenna; Antenna, Radio
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Wood, metal, bakelite plastic, nylon cord, cardboard.

Collapsible Loop antenna and stand in cardboard storage sleeve. Antenna is constructed of four rectangular pieces of varnished mahogany measuring 15 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm. Each has a .2 cm slit cut in the its end to a depth of 7.5 cm and woven through these slits to form a net are thin brown cords that are secured to the wooden stand with brass nails. Each length of wood has 18 of these nails that are spaced 1 cm apart. The four wooden posts are hinged on four L brackets made of chromed brass with metal rivets. These L brackets are part of a connecting plate that is engraved with LINCOLN RADIO CORP CHICAGO. At the centre of this plate is a 1.5 cm aperture. At the base of one of the wooden posts is a 2.2 cm long by 1 cm in diameter metal connecting rod and above this is a round tuning dial with a diameter of 5.5 cm. This flat, black dial has a bakelite knob at centre that can be turned to connect with one of four holes. Three .25 cm stainless steel bolts are mounted around lower rim of the black disc. From these holes are three lengths of black wire that are affixed to the wooden post. These wires are 4 cm, 7 cm, and 17 cm in length respectively. A chromed brass stand with a centre aperture of 1.5 cm that meshes with the above described connecting rod. The stand is built of two 22 cm by approximately 2 cm sections with 2 cm domed feet. The stand can be collapsed onto itself. The antenna and stand are stored inside a cylindrical cardboard tube with a Nelson Checker design. The graphics read, Lincoln Radio Products, Approved Collapsible Loop Antenna, The Lincoln 4-Point Tapped Loop satisfies a long-felt desire for a convenient loop antenna. Here is a perfect product, far superior to the ordinary, cumbersome loop aerial. The best for Super=Heterodyne and all Radio Frequency Sets. Only $8.00. A sleeved base at bottom with the same name and price.

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created by: Lincoln Radio Corporation