Suit, Immersion, Immersion Suit

Beaudril Gulf Canada Resources
Object ID
Personal Artifacts, Clothing; Protective Wear; Suit, Diver's; Drysuit; Suit, immersion
Neoprene, rubber, plastic, metal, wood, velcro, Dacron
Place Made
Surrey, B.C.

Immersion suit or survival suit. Body is of orange neoprene, ( a type of rubber that can withstand extreme temperatures), with built in rubber boots and mitts. Hood is sewn to nape and is red neoprene with 3 12 cm x 4 cm sections of reflective tape sewn to sides and top. A 22 cm x 10 cm face flap is sewn to left side and it is secured with velcro to the right side of hood. Inside of hood at top is a 4 cm x 7 cm label with washing instructions as well as the manufacturer's name. It is stamp dated, June 6, 1984.

The front of the suit has a metal zipper measuring 80 cm that is embedded on outer edges into rubber casing. A secondary nylon zipper 24 cm long runs midway atop metal zipper. The toggle for the metal zipper is affixed to a 7 cm strip of rubber and an a 8 cm x 2 cm flag toggle has been strung through this with .25 cm nylon braided line to which has also been secured a 6 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm orange whistle.

On the left arm has been stencilled in black, L301, in characters 2.5 cm tall. Below this is a 21 x 11 cm Dacron flap that is sewn on one edge and has velcro running along the other edge. a 2.5 cm x 24 cm section of blue elastic is sewn within this flap and at the other end is a 25 cm x 2 cm x 14 cm red neoprene glove with three digits. The same stencil and mitt flap are on the right side. At each wrist is a tapered black neoprene cuff.

Running down the outer side of each leg is a 50 cm x 7 cm black zipper sewn to cloth. Each leg ends in a rubber boot measuring 25 cm x 10 cm x 32 cm. The boots' soles have a circular tread pattern and are stamped with the number 12.

The back of the suit has a 6 cm x 3 cm black ventilation disc below each shoulder. Stencilled in black is, BeauDril 0007 L. Stencilled in black atop this is, CONDEMNED NOT SUITABLE FOR AIR TRANSPORT.

Related person/organization
created by: Fitz-Wright Suits Ltd
History of Use
Beaudril was a drilling subsidiary of Gulf Canada Resources. One of their port bases was Tuktoyaktuk.