Vest, Life

Object ID
Distribution and Transportation Artifacts, Water Transportation Equipment; Water Transportation Accessories; Preserver, Life; Jacket, Life
Neoprene, nylon, metal, plastic, rubber
Place Made
Surrey, B.C.

Inflatable life vest for use with immersion suit. Built of orange coloured neoprene with a black nylon zipper running around inside rim of upper arc. Opening this zipper reveals a clear rubber inflation sleeve that is nested down each long side of vest. On front of vest there is a 37 cm x 4 cm manual inflation hose mounted each side. The hose is black rubber with a plastic cap at upper end and a rubber mouth piece at base. Below this hose on the right side is sewn a 10 cm x 8 cm slash pocket with the manufacturer's name, FitzWright at base. The pocket has a button hole at centre which houses an emergency light (see 000.002.001a). On the let side is a cargo pocket with a velcro closure at top. The pocket measures 14 cm x 17 cm and the manufacturer's name is embroidered on the front in black, green, sky-blue, and navy blue. Sewn within the pocket is the end of a black nylon lanyard that measures 2.5 cm x 163 cm. At the working end of the lanyard is a stainless steel caribiner measuring 7.5 cm x 3,5 cm tha is engraved INOS-AXI 316 K on one edge and on the other edge, KG 800 /350. Also in this pocket is a 10 cm x .25 horseshoe shaped rubber lanyard.

At the lower edge of outside spine of each side is an 8 cm x 6 cm sleeve which each hold an 8 cm stainless steel gas cylinder for inflating the sleeve automatically. Hanging below each of these cylinders is a 2.5 cm red ball on a black lanyard for activating the cylinder.

On the back of the vest at the top there is a 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm black cylindrical air vent with six oval shaped holes running around front face. At bottom right is printed in white, CAUTION IF EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATIC INFLATION DO NOT INHALE GASES FROM WITHN THIS UNIT. A metal ring is secured at top through a 4 cm x 4 cm black nylon flap. To this ring is clipped a 3 cm x 65 cm adjusting strap that is doubled with each end sewn 12 cm from base of vest.

Related person/organization
created by: Fitz-Wright Suits Ltd