Certificate, Registration

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Communication Artifacts, Documentary Object
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This is a masters renewal certificate assigned to Thorvald Claroe (Aaroc?) on February 2nd 1909. it is in scroll form, with another piece of paper, Mariner's Compass and Navigation.

The front side is inscribed with "Renewal" in red in the top left corner. The following is printed in blue and black ink, "Canada/The Honourable The Minister of Marine and Fisheries for the Dominion of Canada Certificate of Completing as Master of a licensed passenger tug boat in the coasting trade to Thorvald Claroe, whereas it has been reported to me that you have been found duly qualified to fulfill the duties of Master of a Licensed Passenger Tug Boat in the Coasting trade. I do hereby in pursuance of the Canada Shipping Act 186 of the revised statues of Canada 1927 grant you this certificate of competency. Given under the seal of the Ministery of Marine and Fisheries, of Canada, at Ottawa, this second day of February 1909. L.P. Brodeur. Minister of Marine and Fisheries.

>p align="justify">The back is inscribed with" Canada/No. of Certificate (5658)./Address of Bearer, Victoria B.C./ Date and Place of Birth, 26th September 1876 Koppaug, Norway/Signature, Thorvald Claroe/This certificate is given upon an Examination passed at Victoria B.C. on the 25th day of January 1909."
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created by: Minister of Marine and Fisheries