Plate, Metal

S.S. Peace
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Metal, paper

A small grey metal plate from the S.S. Peace. It is a fragment of the iron hull and has four holes and one half-hole drilled through it. There is a small paper cutting glued to one side of the plate that explains its history. On the opposite side of the plate there is a small note written in black ink, it reads "Given by P.W. Holman, March 1950."

The paper cutting has a small black and white photo of the ship and reads as follows. "This plate was part of the S.S. Peace, the first steamer of the Baptist Missionary Society on the Congo River. She was sent out in 1884 and was broken up in 1908, being worn out. Grenfeil travelled thousands of miles on her, in exploring the Congo and founding Mission Stations."

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donated by: Holman