telescope, equatorial

Object ID
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Astronomical T&E
Date Made
glass, brass, metal, leather

This is an equatorial telescope from the late 18th century. Each part is made of brass. The tripod stand has a tall cylinder holding up the middle section of the telescope's barrel. Each foot of the tripod has an adjustable knob. Two of the tripod's feet has a long upright brass cylinder. These two cylinders meet and attach near the end of the telescope's barrel. From here there is an extendable eyepiece.

The telescope also includes: an objective lens (no cover), a finder scope, adjustable latitude, equatorial drive, and two arms (brass and leather)

The barrel of the telescope is by "Dolland", and the lens is either again by Dolland or "Barlow". The equatorial drive is by "Ramsden".
History of Use
This is an example of a telescope Captain George Vancouver would have used when he anchored. This telescope checks the latitude and position by observing the meridian altitude of the sun at noon.