Combination Plane, Plane

Object ID
Tools and Equipment for Materials, Woodworking T&E
Date Made
metal, paper
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St. Roch
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manufactured by: The Stanley Tool Company
History of Use
adjusted to create different styles of grooves, cuts, beads and rabbets. To make a rabbet, first adjust and place the two metal poles in the higher holes. Slide the fence right up to the iron skate and begin pushing the plane in a straight line, relaxing on the backstroke.   Another function of this plane is being able to cut a groove across the grain by adjusting the two nickers near either side of the blade. To nick in a line, start by lightly pulling backwards on the stroke, and then begin to carve out the groove. This plane can also be used to create decorative finishes by changing the flat blade for a bead cutter to make rounded grooves.