Photograph, Black and White

HMCS Sioux
Object ID
Communication Artifacts, Documentary object
Paper; wood; glass

Framed black and white photograph of the HMCS Sioux post 1949. Inscribed on the back, "HMCS SIOUX - The 'S-TEN-U-TEN' Tribal Deystroyer - David Winter - Aboard - Age 19 & 20 (28 Mos)."

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HMCS Sioux R64
History of Use
HMCS Sioux was based with the British Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. Her duties involved escorting convoys to Russia. On D-Day, Sioux provided naval gunfire off Juno Beach. HMCS Sioux was paid off into reserve shortly after the war. She emerged again, fully modernized, in 1950 and did three tours of duty in Korean waters, from 1951 to 1955. Afterward she resumed her training role until paid off at Halifax on October 30, 1963. She was paid off in October 196"