Coastal Salvage Operations (LM2022.001.02)
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Coastal Salvage Operations [moving images]

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Physical Description
1 8mm b&w film.
Scope & Content
Item is an 8mm regular black-and-white film on assorted small marine salvage undertakings on the lower coast, probably in the Georgia Strait area. The footage was taken by Robert C. [Bob] Rolston, a marine underwriter from Dale &Co. The contents of the footage, as written in a label on the film cannister, are as follows:
- MV Takla on its side at the shore [fishboat?] -ran aground?
- BRF Pacific Salvage Co. - crane.
- Fire on CPR Princess Joan.
- West Coast Salvage Co. crane barge: 'Cherry picker' working on SS Eastholm, a small coastal cargo boat, sunk (large hole under water on starboard side). Carried cans of fish? Raised by the crane.
- A sunken barge/scow with crates of salmon being lifted off by crane - traditional hard had diver working.
- Deep sea freighter Soloy [Olso] in drydock having work done on her.
- MV Maraudor, sunk Andies Bay, Gambier Island? - is a small coastal freighter; appears to have tinned salmon on board. Another hard hat diver.
- Maraudor on the weighs somewhere. Bottom of bow completely shorn off, must have run into hard rock? [Someone had a bad day!]
Reproduction: Photos and captions by Robert C. [Bob] Rolston.
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