Object ID
M972.123.1 a-b
Vessel Equipment - General, Miscellaneous Fittings
brass; copper
  1. Brass collar with copper jacket riveted onto outside facing. Outer design is five-sided pattern while inside is semicircular in shape. On top of the copper jacket there are two tabs protruding, in between the tabs is a hole. Attached to the hole is a tag with a written note on each side, "TAKEN FROM THE SS. BEAVER AS SHE LAY ON THE ROCKS, BY CHARLES MEE, PIONEER NORTH VANCOUVER". Other side, "PRESENTED SEPT. 9, 1953 BY MRS. WALTER C. GREEN, PEMBERTON B.C., ELDEST DAUGHTER OF CHAS. MEE, PIONEER, NORTH VANCOUVER". The dimensions of the collar are 15.1 cm across, 8.5 cm high, 5.9 cm thick.
  2. Brass collar, rectangular in shape with rectangular grooves cut out on three sides. There is a smooth gouge cut out of one side of the top facing, also there is the number "2" stamped on the right side of the facing. he inside of the collar is semicircular. attached by tape to the other face is a plastic information plate with printed lettering, " REMOVED AS A RELIC FROM THE WRECK AT PROSPECT POINT, BY CHARLES A. MEE, PIONEER, NORTH VANCOUVER, AND 9TH SEPT, 1953, PRESENTED HIS DAUGHTER, MRS. WALTER C. GREEN, PEMBERTON, B.C.". Dimensions are 14.6 cm across, 7.5 cm high, 5.7 cm thick.
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