• M972.20.1a+b

Auto-alarm Selector, Radio-telegraph

Object ID
M972.20.1 a-c
Distribution and Transportation Artifacts, Water Transportation- Accessory
Date Made
circa 1920
iron; glass; steel; brass
Place Made
London, England
  1. Radio-telegraph Auto-alarm Selector: Metal box, glass on top and instruments below glass. Plate on front inscribed, "Marconi Auto-alarm Selector, Type 333, P. S. No. 2106A, INST. No. 13167, Marconi's wireless telegraph Co. Ltd. London." On the front are nine bolts and screw plate inscribed, "No. 1 Bell. No. 2 & 3 Bells, +, 24V, -, 1 Input 2, In. V. Relay 2." Three holes with turnable bolts inside which can be turned with the key available, inscribed on holes, left to right, "Dash Relay, Signal Relay, Space Relay." Between the three holes are two plates inscribed, "Bridge Bell Key, Test Key." the top of the instrument is held on by eight metal bolts with round heads.
  2. Key: 8 cm length, width 4.7 cm. Dual hollowed out head, attached to a hollow bar. Key fits into "Relay Holes." Inscribed on key, "Made in England, 2."
Related person/organization
created by: Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.