Object ID
M972.30.2 a-b
Communication Artifacts, Documentary Artifact
Date Made
a) Brass plate. 34.5 cm by 21.2 cm by 0.2 cm with holes for 6 screws and inscribed, "John Readhead & Co., No. 219. Iron Ship Builders, & C, 1885 South Shields" in letters 2.5 cm high and "Tug WILLIAM JOLLIFFE" in letters 5 cm high. This plate is made of 2 narrower plates brazed together and has a border 0.3 cm wide which is turned through 5 right angles at each corner so as to form a square 0.5 cm wide just inside the corner.
b) Name plate base. Brass, 34.5 cm by 21.4 cm by 1.5 mm with 4 bolts 5.7 cm by 0.8 cm each with 3 hexagonal nuts and a round head slotted for manipulation with a screw driver.
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