Anenometer, Anenometer

Object ID
M972.42.1 a-d
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Meteorological T&E
tin; wood; glass; brass plastic
Place Made
Stockholm ?
  1. Anenometer. 20.7 cm length, 10 cm with, 3.6 cm height. Vane designed in the form of a hollow half-circular bar, 11 cm in length by 2.2 cm in diameter. On the front of the bar, affixed by two screws, is a brass gauge 3 cm in diameter. Inscribed on the bar front is, "R. GRAVE A. B. STOCKHOLM, 881". Inside the gauge is a white plastic dial with two circular calibrations, 0 to 16 and 17 to 26.

    Written on the inner circle is, "METERSEK". Written on the centre of the gauge is, "OSTMAN PATENT S". Connecting to the bar is a circular, hollow, metal frame 10 cm in diameter. Across the frame front and back is a 0.5 cm metal bar, forming a square brace. At the centre of the brace is a threaded silver bar running top to bottom and holding an eight-winged fan. Each wing is 4 cm in length.

    At the centre of the front of the brace is a metal extension holding a bar and circular grooved gear wheel meshing with the threaded silver bar. The gear is attached to a silver bar running down to connect with another gear wheel inside the 11 cm hollow half-circular bar. On the back side of this bar is a brass-headed needle that, when pushed, pushes the metal needle in the gauge outward.

  2. Box. Tin toffee box. 23 cm in length, 15 cm width, height 5.7 cm. Yellow writing on side, "FILLERY'S TOFFEES LTD. NATIONAL WORKS GREET BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND"
  3. Plywood wind vane form. 22 cm length, 905 c width, 2 cm height. Made to fit around wind vane.
  4. Same as (c), except cut in opposite direction.
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created by: R Grave A B