Azimuth Circle

Object ID
M972.59.1 a-b
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Survey & Navigational T&E
Date Made
circa 1941
glass; metal; plastic; wood; felt; canvas
a) Circular, 16.5 cm in diameter. Top of Azimuth circle 8.5 cm in height, drum is 50 cm in circumference. Brass plate on drum reads, "A.M. REF. No.6A/0.892". Marked on outer rim of the drum, "02ACompass AFT, No.9833.4". Inscribed on the outer metal rim of the Azimuth circle which lies on the drum is, "AZIMUTH CIRCLE No.4 REF No.6A/890, No.3393.H". On opposite sides of the circle, facing each other, affixed by screws into the the outer metal rim of the circle is a spring clamp and a bubble leveler, a bracket attached by 2 screws on the same rim. The metal trunions are 4 cm apart. The prism and shades rotate on the trunions by means of a metal handle attached on one side of the trunions. On the bottom of the drum, attached to one of the 4 wings is a vice handle screw. The liquid compass is set into the drum.
b) Pine box measuring 22.8 cm long, 22.8 cm wide and 26.8 cm high. Lid is attached by 2 brass hinges at the back. 2 swinging latches connecting with 2 screws placed on the front of the lid. On the top of the lid painted in white is, "6898, 14142". "Glass with care" is stenciled in red onto a white background. On the face of the lid is stenciled in white, "Type 02A." On the front of the box is stenciled in red on a white background, "Delicate instruments to be handled with great care". The handle is made of a canvas length attached to each side of the box by screws. Inside the lid on a piece of paper glued to the back is, "Azimuth Circle, No.4. Instructions for Use. Packing Instructions". Stamped on lid is, "16Jan1941". Set into the box is a plywood piece with a hole cut out to receive the vice-handle screw.