Foghorn, Bellows

Object ID
Vessel Equipment - General, Communication
Date Made
circa 1880
wood; copper; leather
Two wooden heart-shaped boards with extended handles connected by leather pleated bellows attached by a series of iron tacks along the wooden edge. Overlapping the bellows are two leather straps on either side to reinforce the bellows. Two circular air vents have been cut into one side, 3.3 cm diameter. Funnel-shaped brass connected to wooden bellows by forked bracket screwed into wood, 35 cm long. Funnel extends outward o a diameter of 6.5 cm. Connection seam runs along length of funnel. Outside rim turned back seam 0.4 cm. Oval brass plate nailed into wooden side of bellows. Inscription stamped reads, "ALLDAYS & ONIONS, MAKERS, BIRMINGHAM". Star-shaped marking in black on same side as plate. Enclosed by star is inscription, "ALLDAYS & ONIONS QUALITY STAR BRAND, BIRMINGHAM". Etched into bracket connecting funnel to bellows. "TRITON" and indecipherable markings on the base of the funnel adjacent to the bracket.
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