Windowpane, Leaded

Object ID
Vessel Structure, Component
Date Made
oak; glass; lead; cardboard; iron

Ornate window from Empress of Japan. Recessed leaded glass window centred and, at bottom, 60cm. by 64cm. with oak frame. Held in by oak moulding attached by screws. Window is recessed 28cm. from face of piece. Balcony-like shelf of same width is directly over the window, and has one central column and a railing. On either side of the window is an outward facing, curved surface 43cm. high. This is of pressed cardboard and covered with gold paint.

A shelf at the bottom of this has 4 holes and an iron, gilt painted rail around it. Above is a carved oak shell, which forms the upper corner on either side. Below is a carved oak base for the side shelves, and further ornate carving against the back in the lower corners. The glass pieces of the window are of several shades of blue and yellow. A central square bears an ornate, hand-painted CPR monogram.

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is related to: Canadian Pacific Railway