Object ID
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Regulative & Protective T&E
Date Made
steel; glass; plastic; bakelite
Place Made
London, England
Marconi type 1185A, serial No. 335, Class B, from Yukon Star (Seaguard model). 24V D.C. and 220V D.C. Grey steel case. Chrome framed glass plate at top of front with "start" knob above it. Selection test and rest knobs below. In bottom portion, bakelite-framed, glass-fronted meter above 2 feed metering switched with "Off" and "A-E" positions. Bridge bell knob at left missing, test O.S.C. (High level, low level, off) switch at right. Between these are a yellow plastic "ALARM", a blue "Receiver failure", and a red "Selector failure" light. Between the latter two is a phone jack. At very bottom are 4 fuses, an OFF/ON/OFF switch, a red light for 24V supplies, and an A.C. 3 Amp fuse for Mains supplies.
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created by: Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.