Object ID
M973.366.1 a-c
Vessel Structure, Component
Date Made
19.5cm. by 33m. by 17cm. red copper valve salvaged by Fred Rogers off BEAVER wreck in 1960. Consists of main body which is like a vase-like bulge between two disc shaped coupling plates. A multiple threaded fitting leads from a circular opening in the side of the body to a 2cm. diameter rod 8.5cm. long. Each coupler plate has 4 threaded holes through it, and a large hole at the centre which leads into the main body of the valve. The internal mechanisms are difficult to discern, being greatly corroded. Appears to be a threaded plunger which forces a rounded plate into a housing on the inside of the main body. There appears to be an adjusting nut between the rounded plate and the threaded shaft of the rod. The outside fittings have two hexagon nuts, the outer one 4.2cm. across, the inner one 6.7cm. Pieces of fiber gasket adhere to one coupling plate.
b) Rubber-impregnated fiber gasket for coupling plate 17.5cm. in diameter, 0.4cm. thick. Four holes match those on (a). Six indentations of the same size as the holes are spaced every 60 degrees.
c) Coupling plate of copper, 17cm. diameter, 1cm. thick. Shape and holes match those of (a) and (b). Badly deformed.
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