Float, Net

Object ID
Vessel Equipment - Specific, Fishing
Date Made
circa 1930
canvas; rope; rubber; copper alloy
Net float, spherical canvas bag made of 8 triangular pieces of canvas and with an inflatable rubber bladder inside. At the top is a slit 20cm. long with 8 grommets so it can be laced shut - no lacing. A piece of webbing 4cm. wide goes around the bag and there are 2 grommets in it where the ends come together above the slit. A short rope with an eye splice is passed through these grommets so that the float can be tied to a net. Written on the canvas in black paint is: "DIAMOND. H. GREAT. N. CAN.". These were supplementary floats used with gill and seine nets by the DIAMOND H, a fish boat belonging to Great Northern Cannery.
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donated by: Francis Millerd and Co. Ltd.