Steering Column

Object ID
M973.396.1 a-d
Vessel Equipment - General, Steering
brass; steel
Place Made
Glasgow, Scotland
a) Steering column. Length of housing from base to top of rudder indicator 92cm. Above the base the housing narrows to 11cm., while the top portion is 30.5cm. in diameter for 21cm. of its height and rapidly narrows to the 11cm. diameter of the part underneath it. The wheel, which is missing, was mounted on a brass shaft 3.6cm. by 51cm. which goes through both sides of the top of the housing. On this shaft, inside the housing, is a bevel wheel 11cm. in diameter which is geared to a bevel wheel 17cm. in diameter on the top of a vertical shaft 3.5cm. in diameter which extends down through the middle of the housing and 46cm. beyond the base. 15cm. from the lower end of this shaft is another bevel wheel 12.5cm. in diameter with teeth angled at about 45 degrees to the shaft.
b) The wheel shaft has a round piece of steel 14.5cm. in diameter by 6cm., prevented from sliding or turning on the shaft by a key and tightening screw, mounted next to the housing, and with 2 quadrants of its surface cut out to a depth of 2.6cm. The end of the wheel shaft is threaded and has a (c) round brass nut 5cm. in diameter on its end. There is a hole .8cm. across which goes through both the nut and the shaft. A section of the steering wheel shaft inside the housing is threaded and goes through a threaded hole in a piece of brass. This piece of brass has a round end which slides in 2 slotted brass bars fastened to the underside of the rudder indicator plate which covers the top of the housing. One of the slotted bars is fixed, but the other moves as the wheel shaft turns and actuates the rudder angle indicator.
d) The rudder indicator plate has a double-ended indicator and reads to 40 degree port and starboard. Inscribed on the top: "ALLEY & MACLELLAN LTD. GLASGOW".
Related person/organization
created by: Alley MacLellan Ltd