Object ID
Furnishings, Household Accessory
Date Made
19th century
wood; iron
Black-painted ship's strongbox. Constructed of two layers of wood covered with steel, which is layed on, inside and out, in strips to form checker pattern. Strips held on by numerous large rivets. The lid is hinged at the back with two hinges and three curved steel bars riveted to the lid fit into holes at the back of the box. One hasp at each side sticks down from the lid and fits into brackets on the box, and all are pierced with holes. A knee-action brace is mounted at the left, and is bolted into an open position for display. (The box has 3 handles, one on either side of the box and one at the front of the lid.) The main hasp comes down from the centre front of the lid and fits a groove in the front of the box, to be locked with a square bar through a square hole in it. The key (984.288) is on a steel ring through this hole (for display purposes). The box has a secret keyhole, 3 strips over from the centre and 4 down from the top. One of the horizontal bands moves downward to expose the keyhole.