Object ID
Tools and Equipment for Science and Technology, Timekeeping T&E
oak; brass; iron; glass; paper
Place Made
Toronto, Ontario
The main part of this time clock is in a varnished housing 89.5cm. high by 44.5cm. by 48cm. The top and back of the housing are plain wood, 2 sides have doors 72cm. by 27.5cm. with windows 30.5cm. by 17cm. and the front has a clock face 19cm. in diameter plus the punch wheel and punch bar. This punch wheel is 76cm. in diameter and made of iron painted black. It is held in a fixed position by 4 bolts that go through the front of the housing and has 150 alternating coloured red and black numbered holes on the circumference. Pivoting on the centre of the wheel is a punch bar with a rod on the end of it which is perpendicular to the bar. Turning the bar rotates a paper-covered drum inside the housing. When the bar is turned to one of the numbered holes and pushed so that the rod on the end goes into the hole, the mechanism inside the housing punches the time in the appropriate place on the paper around the drum. At the top of the front of the housing is a glass window 1.7cm. square through which one can peer at an empty metal reel about 20cm. in diameter. "INTERNATIONAL" is printed on the clock face. An identiplate just below the punch wheel reads: "MANUFACTURED BY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO. LIMITED 2601502 PATENTED NOV 1917 TORONTO".
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created by: International Business Machines Co Ltd
donated by: Vancouver Tug Boat Co.