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    Front view

Cooker, Fireless

Object ID
M973.485.32 a-c
Vessel Equipment - General, Food Preparation
Date Made
circa 1900
wood; tin; soapstone; steel; asbestos

a) Green painted fireless cooker from Amundsen's ship MAUD. Four casters at corners of bottom. Two lids side-by-side at top are hinged by 4 strap hinges at the back. Top and inside of tin canisters sunk into beneath lids. At the bottom of each is a soapstone (b-c). Double pivoting steel latches on front for each lid, with matching hooks on lids.

b&c) Disc-shaped soapstone, 22cm. diameter by 3cm. thick. 2 semicircular cuts of cm. diameter are cut into edge, and passing between them through the stone is a hole through which a rope and wire can be passed to enable the stone to be lowered into the canisters when hot.

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is related to: Amundsen, Roald