Lilla Dan - Auxiliary motor schooner, Ship Model

Communication Artifacts
Wood, brass, plastic and string
Two-masted, single screw, sails not set. Masts, bowsprit, booms are in natural finish. Deck is natural wood finish with white cabins and tops of the cabin works are in flat grey finish. The tops of the forward hatch and companionway entrance are painted grey. Located amidships behind a storage compartment are two skylights and three ventilators (painted white). There are two brass exhaust pipes jutting out and over the starboard side of the cabin floor. Ship's wheel and helm are located behind the main cabin and between two lifeboats painted white. Hanging from stern davits is another life boat painted white. All the chocks, winches, single bollards, belaying pins, porthole covers, ship's whistle, binnacle cover, ship's wheel are made of brass. The rigging is black cable. There is an anchor on each side of the bow of the ship. The gunwales are black, gunwale strakes are painted white, the hull colours are black , white waterline stripe, black bottom. Model is mounted on a wooden base painted black, 18 cm long by 7 cm wide.