Ship dressed entering Vancouver, October 12, 1954. Item number: HSUS-50-07.
Archival Item

Ship dressed entering Vancouver [graphic materials] / RCMP

Item number
October 12, 1954
Physical Description
1 photograph : sepia
Scope & Content
Item is an image of the St. Roch returning to Vancouver after her trip through the Panama Canal. Text on the recto of the image reads, "'R.C.M.Police St Roch' approaching Evans, Coleman & Evans Dock, Vancouver, on completion of her voyage from Halifax, (July 22) through Panama Canal, to Vancouver. Oct. 12, 1954. 3 p.m. The topmost flag, the Union Jack, was formally presented, as a relic, to Major J.S. Matthews, City Archivist, at a ceremony at H.M.C.S. 'Discovery,' Wed. Oct. 13, 1954. 5 p.m. R.C.M.P. photo." An additional copy of the image is in the file.
Reproduction: Copyright unknown. Please contact Archivist for more information.
Related person/organization
created by: Tielman, H.W.
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St. Roch