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Montserrat Lime-Fruit Juice Bottle
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Vessel Equipment - General, Consumption
Glass, and paper
National Drug and Chemical Co, of Canada, Limited Montreal
Place Made
92 Williams Street, New York NY USA

Light glass bottle with silver at the top rim. The inside is rather stained, clearly not washed out after its use. The front of the label is as followed: 'The Montserrat' Trade Mark. Guaranteed of full strength. Clarified & prepared it forms (diluted with three to six times its bulk of water) a most wholesome and refreshing beverage. None genuine without Trade Marks as above on both capsule and label.

The left side of the label states: 'Montserrat' lime fruit juice is the pure unsweetened juice of cultivated lime fruit, grown on the Island of Montserrat. The limes are ripened on the trees, thus attaining the delightful flavour found only in Montserrat Lime Fruit Juice. One to two tablespoons in a tumbler of cold water, sweetened to taste, makes a delicious cooling drink. TO make a 'Surcingle' table one to two tablespoons Montserrat lime fruit juice and add one bottle of iced soda water and sweeten to taste. It is delicious. Montserrat lime fruit juice can also be used as a flavouring in place of lemons, or extract of lemon.

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created by: Evan Sons Lescher & Webb Limited
History of Use
In the 19th century there was a change in the diet of the middle and working classes. By the end of the century many products were available that were imported from countries all over the world. In the mid 19th century Joseph Sturge formed the Monserrat Company Limited and started exporting limes and producing lime juice. John Woodall the Master Surgeon quoted on this leaflet was Surgeon to the East India Company and was responsible for the dock workers and sailors. He was well known for his experimental work on scurvy and understood that it could be prevented by eating lemon or lime juice.