Deck, Playing

Object ID
Recreational Artifacts, Game
Paper & ink
Based on the image used for the ace of spades, the cards were made sometime during 1925-50.


Place Made
Object was made at the Camden Works in London, England.



A deck of 52 cards. Includes two white paper case pieces; the outer case part has two playing cards (jokers?) glued to either side of it with their reverse sides facing outwards. Reverse side of the cards displays a mirrored image of black, white, red and blue passenger ship with silver clouds and a blue water which the ship(s) seem to be sailing through. The background of the card is green, bordered by a silver frame. In the top left corner and the bottom right corner, blue clouds are depicted with the words "THE BLUE FUNNEL LINE".

Ace of Spades: In the very centre of the card is a large spade covered in ivy. At the top of the spade, an imp sits cross-legged holding an ace of spades card. The imp is front-facing, the feather in his hat is bent and there is text is on either side of the imp. It reads: REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Two more imps are depicted at the base of the central ace; the one on the left is front-facing and he holds a ace of clubs, the other imp is to the right, holds an ace of diamonds and faces to the side.

The rough shape of a diamond can be seen in collection of vines. Inside that diamond a bold club is shown which contains some text. The three parts read: (GOODALL) (& SONS LTD) (LONDON). A laughing imp appears to be popping out of the top of the club. His legs protrude from a heart inside the club with text. A bold black spade is shown inside this heart. Inside that spade is another heart, then a black club inside that, then finally a diamond. Underneath the central spade a wavy scroll reads GOODALL LONDON with two more impish figures; the one to left seems to be a mailman carrying a sac over his shoulder with two aces, of diamonds and clubs, in his left hand, the right imp has a long pointed hat and holds two aces, of hearts and spades. In the upper left corner and bottom right corner, a spade is shown below an "A".

Related people/organizations
created by: Goodall & Son, Ltd.
is related to: The Blue Funnel Line
History of Use
Mostly likely used aboard or sold as a souvenir on one of the Blue Funnel Line vessels that passed through Vancouver. Unclear of how it came into Capt. John Park's possession as the card's art style suggests it was created sometime during 1925-1950 and Capt. Park worked for Blue Funnel Line from 1906-1909.