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Soap, Hygiene

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Soap, cardboard
Bar of soap - light-coloured, with a stamp of the Holland America Line logo. In a small cardboard box. The back of the box says "Holland America Line" with the same logo as on the soap, and states that the soap is a "Comfrey Clarifying Bar." The front of the box has a commemorative image for the "Holland-Amerika Linie."

There is an image of a man pointing to a ship beside a smaller ship and a globe. Text above the image says "Die Evolution im Transportwesen" and text below the image says "Holland-Amerika Linie, Rotterdam - New York, ober Boulogne sur Mer."

The box has been "printed on recycled paper" and identifies that the soap was manufactured by "Institute Swiss brand." One of the flaps of the box states "Copyright GSI 1992."

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manufactured by: Institute Swiss