Ben Franklin Newsletter
Object ID
Communication Artifacts, Documentary artifact
Paper; ink
Place Made
Bethpage, New York.
Grumman Ocean Systems Newsletter from March 1968. Four pages of information under the broad headline "European Construction of PX-15 in Final Stages." Includes articles and pictures relating to the construction of the submarine.

Includes subsections entitled "Early March Wind-up Planned -- Rail/Sea Shipment Will Follow," "NASA Study Compares Underwater, Space Effects on Long Duration Missions," "Heat Treatment Adds Strength to PX-15 Hull," "Special Hatch Permits Release fo Film, Tapes, etc. During Mission," "Communication, Tracking Systems Installed at Swiss Construction Site," and "Ready West Palm Beach Base for Submersible's Arrival."

Also includes an insert with a coloured image showing the different parts and features of the Grumman/Piccard PX-15, described as "Popular Science Cutaway Diagram Shows Life Aboard PX-15 During Drift."

This is the newsletter and artist's rendering of what would become Ben Franklin

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created by: Grumman Ocean Systems