Tray, Serving

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Tools and Equipment for Materials, Food Serving T&E
Wood (mahogany); sterling silver
Serving tray - made of hardwood and rectangular in shape with rolled handles at each end. The tray is made of mahogany and is varnished. There is a rectangular silver plate held on the tray with six screws. The engraving on the plate reads: Directors and Officers Wartime Merchant Shipping Ltd., Hon. C. D. Howe, Minister of Munitions and Supply, President H.R. MacMillan, Directors: F.B. McCuroy, R.A.C. Henry, A.H. Cowie, J.D. McKenna, A.E. Arscott, Austin C. Taylor, C.L. DEWAR, C.R. Redfern, George C. McDonald, Officers: W.M. Day, E.L. Harrison, H.T. Mitchell, A.B. Graham, D.B. McCoy, T.P. Slattery, W.M. Mitchell, R.E. Heartz, C.D. Eccott, J. Husband, J. Robson, G.O. Vogan, E.B. Wilkins, H.A. Stevenson.
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describes: Wartime Merchant Shipping Ltd.