Arctic Taglu

Vessel Type
Tow » Tugboat
Ship Date
Date built: 1976
Vessel Description

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada states that "The "ARCTIC TAGLU" is a coastal tug that is used in the pushing mode in her present employ. She has a flat-nosed pusher bow. The navigation bridge has an open layout with wide windows giving an unobstructed view. There are four conning positions in the wheel-house: one on each side, one on the centre line forward and one aft facing the vessel's stern. " "On the morning of 31 October 1995, the tug "ARCTIC TAGLU," pushing the loaded barge "LINK 100," was inbound from Swartz Bay, B.C., to her berth in the Fraser River. The wooden fishing vessel "ROXANA GLEN," participating in the salmon fishery opening, was engaged in repositioning the nets off Steveston Island, B.C. In daylight and in calm and clear weather, the "LINK 100" and the "ROXANA GLEN" were involved in a collision. The lone operator of the fishing vessel, who was thrown overboard, subsequently was rescued by another fishing vessel. He suffered minor injuries. The "ROXANA GLEN" was a constructive total loss; the "LINK 100" sustained superficial damage. The Board determined that the "ARCTIC TAGLU"/"LINK 100" and the "ROXANA GLEN" were involved in a collision because the integrated tug-barge unit was transiting the Fraser River at an unsafe speed and the "ROXANA GLEN" was setting nets in the centre of the navigable channel. The fact that neither vessel maintained an efficient and proper look-out contributed to the accident."

Source: Nauticapedia: Arctic Taglu

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