HMCS Algonquin (R17)

Other Names
ex: Valentine
Vessel Type
Naval » Canadian Navy » Destroyer
Ship Dates
Date built: October 8 1942
Launched: September 2 1943
End date: April 1971
Owner or managing owner(s)
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Navy
Vessel Description

HMCS Algonquin was a V-class destroyer, laid down for the Royal Navy as HMS Valentine (R17) and transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy on completion during the Second World War. She saw service in the Second World War escorting the aircraft carriers that bombed the Tirpitz in March 1944 and providing naval gunfire support to the Normandy landings. The destroyer was to participate in the Pacific Campaign but the war ended before her arrival in that theatre. Algonquin was converted in 1953 to a frigate and spent the majority of her remaining career in the Atlantic, being decommissioned in 1970.

Source: Wikipedia: HMCS Algonquin (R17)