HMCS Assiniboine (I)

Other Names
ex: HMS Kempenfelt (I18)
Vessel Type
Naval » Canadian Navy » Destroyer
Ship Dates
Date built: October 18 1930
Launched: October 29 1931
End date: 1952
Owner or managing owner(s)
Royal Canadian Navy
Vessel Description

HMS Kempenfelt was a C-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy in the early 1930s. A flotilla leader, she saw service in the Home Fleet before World War II and the ship made several deployments to Spanish waters during the Spanish Civil War, enforcing the arms blockade imposed by Britain and France on both sides of the conflict.

Kempenfelt was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in 1939 and renamed HMCS Assiniboine. During World War II, she served as a convoy escort in the battle of the Atlantic, sinking one German submarine by ramming, on anti-submarine patrols during the invasion of Normandy, and was employed as a troop transport after VE Day for returning Canadian servicemen, before being decommissioned in mid-1945.

Assiniboine was sold for scrap in 1945, but she ran aground while being towed to the breakers and was not broken up until 1952.

Source: Wikipedia: HMS Kempenfelt (I18)