Vancouver fire boat, 1952. Item number: LM2009.1000.1418.
Vancouver fire boat

Vancouver Fireboat No. 2

Other Names
later: Guardian
Vessel Type
Special Service ยป Fireboat
Ship Date
Date built: 1951
Vessel Description

Guardian was built by Yarrows, Ltd. of British Columbia in 1951 and was hull number 115. She served the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from 1951 until the time it was retired in 1987 by Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services under the name Fireboat #2. Though the city of San Francisco had operated two fireboats from the early 1900 until 1954, the Phoenix was the only fireboat in the city from 1955 until the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Because of the role of Phoenix in the protection of the Marina District after the 1989 earthquake, $50,000 from grateful Marina property owners and $300,000 from anonymous donors were used purchase and refurbish Guardian. Upon arrival in San Francisco, the ship was rechristened Guardian, a name chosen by the school children of San Francisco at the request of the anonymous donors.

Both Guardian and Phoenix are based at Pier 22 1/2. In 1999, Firehouse 35 at Pier 22 1/2 was declared San Francisco's 225th Historic Landmark.

Source: Wikipedia: Guardian (fireboat)

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