<i>Lake Winnipeg</i>
Lake Winnipeg

Yoho Park (II)

Other Names
ex: Fort Highfield (II)
later: Lake Winnipeg (I)
later: Americana
Vessel Type
Cargo ship » Fort and Park class » North Sands type
Ship Dates
Date built: 1944
End date: 1967
Vessel Description

During the war, Yoho Park’s nominated manager was the Canadian–Australasian Line Limited of Vancouver. She was later sold to the Western Canada Steamship Company Limited of Vancouver and renamed Lake Winnipeg then becoming Americana in the 1950s after being sold once again. Her namesake was British Columbia’s Yoho National Park, a 1,313 square kilometer/324,449 acre protected park established in 1886 in the Canadian Rockies whose name translates to the Cree expression of awe and wonder.

Source: Parks Canada: The ‘Park’ and ‘Fort’ ships

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