HMS Tyne

Ship Dates
Launched: January 19 1878
End date: 1920
Vessel Description

HMS Tyne was a store-ship of the Royal Navy. The ship was launched on 19 January 1878 at Armstrong Mitchell's Low Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne shipyard as the mercantile Mariotis. She was purchased for the Royal Navy on 8 March 1878. Commanded by Commander John Edward Stokes on 12 March 1879.

On August 31, 1880 the Tyne is shown delivering personnel to the HMS London in Zanzibar. In May 1902 she was at Malta, on her way to the China station with a new crew for HMS Hermione.

In February 1913, Tyne was serving as one of two depot ships for the 8th Patrol Flotilla, based on the Nore, which was equipped with 23 torpedo boats, and remained as depot ship to the 8th Flotilla in July 1914.

Source: Wikipedia