SS Lorne

Vessel Type
Tow » Barge
Converted From
Tow » Tugboat
Ship Date
Date built: 1889
Vessel Description

She was first registered in Victoria in 1889. On August 30, 1914 she was stranded with the barge America in tow on Kanaka Bay, San Juan Island WA USA. In 1926 she broke all records for the Queen Charlotte Islands log trade taking a Davis raft with 1,000,000 feet of logs 70 miles across Hecate Strait in 15 hours. The tug Lorne and barge Pacific Gatherer together were involved in a spectacular accident in September of 1930. Fast and unpredictable tide caused problems with the tow. With the captain slowing the tug down, the two vessels collided side by side and went into the Second Narrows Bridge. C.H. Cates Towing was dispatched, but their strong fleet made no headway. As the tide came in, the tug and barge slowing rose up and caused the bridge span to come off its foundation. The bridge was plunged into the water.

Source: Nauticapedia: Lorne

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