Other Names
later: Pedro Nunes
Vessel Type
Sailing » Clipper
Ship Dates
Date built: 1868
End date: October 13 1907
Owner or managing owner(s)
Aberdeen Line
Kingdom Of Portugal
Vessel Description

Thermopylae was an extreme composite clipper ship built in 1868 by Walter Hood & Co of Aberdeen, to the design of Bernard Waymouth of London. She was built for the Aberdeen Line, which was founded in 1825 by George Thompson.

In 1872, Thermopylae raced the clipper Cutty Sark from Shanghai back to London. Thermopylae won by seven days after Cutty Sark lost her rudder. From 1882 onward, Thermopylae took part in the Australian wool trade; however, on this route Cutty Sark proved faster.

In 1897 she was sold to Portugal for use as a naval training ship and renamed Pedro Nunes. On 13 October 1907, the Portuguese Navy towed her down the Tagus river using two warships, and before Amelia de Orleans, Queen of Portugal, she was torpedoed with full naval honours off Cascais.

Source: Wikipedia: Thermopylase (clipper)

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