HMCS Wolf (Z16)

Other Names
ex: USS Wenonah
ex: Blue Water
ex: Gulf Stream
ex: Stranger (III)
later: Gulf Stream
Vessel Type
Recreational vessel » Yacht
Converted From
Naval » Canadian Navy » Armed yacht
Ship Dates
Date built: 1915
End date: October 11 1947
Vessel Description

She was 25 years old at the time of her commissioning on October 2, 1940. Wolf spent the entire war as a member of Esquimalt Force, at first on training and patrol duty and then, from Sep 1943, as an examination vessel. Paid off on May 16, 1945, she was sold in 1946 to become the merchant vessel Gulf Stream. She was wrecked off Power River, B.C. on October 11, 1947 on Dinner Rock resulting in 5 dead.

  • In 1917 she was in the USN.
  • In 1919 she was transferred to US Department of Commerce Coast & Geodetic Survey.
  • In 1922 she was transferred to the US Navy on the west coast.
  • In 1928 she was removed from the Navy list.
  • In 1929 she was owned by H.W. Goodall, Santa Barbara CA.
  • Circa 1929 she was owned by Mrs. Marian Huntingdon, San Francisco CA. She was purchased in the name of E.A. Riddell by Royal Canadian Navy to be used as an armed yacht.
  • In 1940 she was commissioned as H.M.C.S. Wolf as Canadian Naval Yacht, Armed, on training and patrol duty.
  • In 1940-45 she was attached to the Esquimalt Defence Force.
  • In 1943 she was an Examination Vessel.
  • In 1945 she was paid-off, sold and she was renamed as the Gulf Stream.
  • In 1947 she was sold to Gulf Lines Ltd. Vancouver BC.


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