Vessel Type
Ship Dates
Date built: 1855
End date: April 12 1883
Owner or managing owner(s)
S. L. Mastick & Co.
Vessel Description

The Warhawk is one of the oldest wrecks that are easily visited by divers in the Pacific Northwest. The wood hulled clipper ship was built in 1855 and carried lumber from the mills in Discovery Bay to San Francisco. In 1871, the War Hawk was sold to S.L. Mastick & Co., of San Francisco, CA and made regular trips to carry lumber from their saw mill at Port Discovery, to San Francisco. On April 12th, 1883, the ship caught fire in the morning while tied up to the dock at the Port Discovery Mill. The crew untied the ship and let it slip away from the dock to keep it from burning up the mill. The Warhawk sank in very shallow water, just south of Mill Point, where she still rests today.

Source: Emerald Sea Photography: The War Hawk Ship Wreck

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