Other Names
later: Vancouver Island
Vessel Type
Cargo ship » General cargo vessel
Ship Date
End date: October 1941
Owner or managing owner(s)
Royal Canadian Navy
Vessel Description

She was the first to land at Powell River with a cargo of zinc for use in the mill's bleaching process in 1937. She loaded lumber at Crofton in late August 1939 and sailed south. At the start of the the Second World War she was hiding in port at Manzanilla Mexico. On 20/09/1940 she was spotted heading to sea by H.M.C.S. Prince Robert. She was captured off the coast of Mexico by H.M.C.S. Prince Robert (CDR Charles T. Beard RCN in command) and brought to Esquimalt as a prize of war in 1940.

The Weser was renamed as the Vancouver Island and was put into service in the war effort. She was eventually sunk by a U–Boat in October 1941. Naval Service HQ collected more than $300,000 in insurance as a result.


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