William Dollar

Other Names
ex: Alsterberg
ex: Walküre
later: Pacific Gatherer
later: Island Gatherer
Vessel Type
Tow » Barge
Converted From
Sailing » Barque
Ship Dates
Date built: 1902
End date: December 13 1936
Vessel Description

The ship was taken over by the US as war compensation and afterwards laid up at Lake Union form 1921-1929 before it became a lighter and finally a hulk.

Captain Fred MacFarlane, while in command of the Island Queen in Gordon Channel one mile west of Pine Island, BC, with the barge Island Gatherer in tow on 13/12/1936 the tow line parted during a storm in Queen Charlotte Sound. The tug ran alongside the barge suffering damage. The crew lined the side with mattresses so that Captain J.R. Paulson on the barge with his family (wife and two children) could leap on board the Island Queen. She was in tow of the tug Island Queen when the winch on the barge broke and went overboard with the towline. By the time the towline was recovered and the barge crew rescued, the barge disappeared in the darkness and vanished.


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